This online course will provide an overview of the Dynamic Learning Map portion of NYSAA.  The learning modules will be the same videos used in the mandatory training NYSAA teachers attended, yet the online course will provide administrators an opportunity to work through the learning modules at their own pace.  Second, administrators will be able to collaborate with each other and the Lead AATN (Alternative Assessment Training Network) on the discussion board in preparing for the spring administration window in 2016.  The aim is to learn about the DLM administration process and inform administrators about the ELA and Math portions of NYSAA.


  • One week course to learn about DLM in which segments of learning can be self-facilitated by viewing videos and completing a Google form and/or participating in a discussion board specific to problem solving and planning for testlet administration

  • Participate in Moodle course by viewing DLM training videos and responding to check for learning questions (similar to NYSAA teachers Moodle quizzes)

  • Interface with practice DLM questions and gain more insight of what a testlet looks like and the accessibility features available for students

  • Discuss and post ideas for planning and organizing the administration window of DLM testlets