The students know how to do the math, they just don't understand what the question is asking.

This phrases is true for many teachers throughout their math instruction. Reading and writing in mathematics are of particular interest to educators because these processes are essential to both problem solving and concept development in mathematics. In literacy-rich mathematics classrooms, language processes support students while they are learning new content and helps them to demonstrate what they have learned.  Throughout this workshop we will:

  • Discuss/share different math strategies and/or books dealing with math that promote a literacy rich environment

  • Engage in math activities that  foster a literacy rich environment

  • Reflect on the Common Core Learning Standards for Literacy and Math and make connections between the Eight Mathematical Practices

By the end of the online course, participants can expect to gain useful and practical ideas for embedding literacy in their Mathematics class.  A useful text to support our learning is:

Math and Literature By: Marilyn Burns