A quick, fun summer course to get teachers and administrators ready for Twitter! Open, for free, to all districts participating in Model Schools (Coser 566)

This course is open to all members of Model Schools at E2CC BOCES.  

Computer Based Testing in grades 3-8  is a significant state initiative that will move the current paper state assessments in Math and ELA to computer based assessments by the 2019-2020 school year.  This means that all current kindergarten students will be expected to take their state assessments online.  Students will need to feel as comfortable and as natural taking a test on a computer as they currently do using a pencil and paper.  
Based on data from educators and school leaders in our BOCES and also around the state, one of the biggest challenges to this CBT initiative is providing teachers the tools and skills to adeptly integrate technology into their classrooms.  NYS Model Schools has evaluated the CBT system and has identified basic skills students need to be successful on a computer based test.  This course aims to be a resource for educators to help build their technology capacity to help students acquire and practice those skills. 

To provide teachers with access to tutorials and shared resources to build their capacity using technology so they can better support their students.